About Ms. Hair and Humor

As a late career changer, Ms. Hair and Humor, whose real name is Kamilah, decided to leave her luxury jewelry career behind and pursue the beauty industry. After receiving both natural hair stylist and cosmetology licenses, Kamilah’s passion fueled her purpose to remind women of their (inner) beauty through the power of laughter and hairstyling.

Recognized for her big hair and big laughs, Ms. Hair and Humor created her own online buzz which helped popularize knotless braids via hashtags such as #TheFutureisKnotless and #MsHairandHumorknotlessbraids. This made for an effective marketing effort to shift the awareness of painless box braids and everyday women and celebrity clients alike secured highly sought appointments with Ms. Hair and Humor for knotless braids.

Ms. Hair and Humors’ message of health over length and painfree knotless braids welcomed varies media opportunities including appearing as a podcast guest on Fat Mascara hosted by Jessica Matlin (Harper’s Bazaar) and Jennifer Goldstein (Marie Claire), features in magazines such as Self, Be Latina, Zoe Report, digitally through magazine such as Dore, Essence.com “18 ways to style box braids”,

Faherty 2018 holiday campaign, Shea Moisture holiday hair, and Good Morning America’s “Need more reasons why knotless box braids are the best” video. Kamilah also produced a braid fashion show for the annual International Braids Day in Brooklyn featuring 6 models with unique braid styles.

At the end of summer 2019, Kamilah accepted a major opportunity to work as the braider for Madonna’s 2019 Madame X tour for a duration of 75 shows over an 8 month period.

Using her Ms. Hair and Humor platform, Kamilah plans to continue to elevate the standard of braiding, promoting knotless braids and educating women about natural hair health beyond her chair through her eBook, Beyond the Braids, and youtube channel content.

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