Welcome to The Knotless Nation

Welcome to the Knotless Nation where the braided woman is emancipated and celebrated.

The Knotless Nation is a community created by Ms. Hair and Humor that supports the knotless braiding technique, elevates the standard of braiding and connects women through the experience of the knotless braid experience.

Collectively, the Knotless Nation dismisses the idea that installing braids equates to discomfort. We are bonded through experience, education and understanding that pain free braiding is the future. The freedom knotless braiding provides replaces the pain traditionally associated with braiding with proper technique and it is time to erase years of trauma associated with braiding as a community.

The braided woman is everywhere and has to feel free and proud because braids she is not only on vacation. The braided woman is bringing life into this world as a new mother, she is running her business, speaking on panels, accepting awards, starring in movies, leading executive meetings, fighting for justice and she is also simply relaxing at home.

It is time to challenge the standard and shift the norm.

It is time to elevate the braiding experience.

If you are a braided woman, support braided women or love braided women and promise to elevate the standard with us, we welcome you.




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